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Minecraft Earth 0.12.0 Update Launched With Improvements

With more than 100 million active players, Minecraft remains one of the most popular video games in the world.

An initial version of the iconic title was released by Mojang in 2011 and became a quick hit among many PC owners. The success of the game attracted the interest of Microsoft, and the massive company acquired the developer in 2014. Despite some reservations from select voices, Minecraft evolved into a veritable phenomenon, with more than 190 million copies sold by 2019 across several platforms.

Within the game, players explore a procedurally-generated world. Among the available activities, we can count collecting materials, building useful and impressive structures, and defeating dangerous foes.

The Survival Mode will test the skills of the players as they have to keep an eye on their health since death is accompanied by dire consequences. Those who prefer to focus on building enjoy the Creative Mode, which offers infinite resources and the ability to fly across the map.

Minecraft Earth 0.12.0 Update Is Now Available With Improvements

A few spinoff games have been released, including an episodic series known as Minecraft: Story Mode. Mobile players have enjoyed the ability to play Minecraft: Earth, which is currently in early-access but available across the world.

Unlike classic Minecraft, this version harnesses the power of your device to deliver an impressive experience with the help of augmented reality graphics. It also offers the ability to create remarkable buildings, explore entertaining areas, and test your survival skills while moving in the real world.

Players can create impressive buildings in the tabletop mode and move them to the real world to see how they look. Bigger and better building s can be created by collaborating with other creators. As time passes, new buildings will appear, and players can see how their local area evolves in real-tie.

Since the game is in the early-access stage, a few bugs are present. The latest update, Minecraft Earth 0.12.0, comes with new performance improvements.



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