Minecraft “Failed to Authenticate Your Connection” Error [FIX]

Many Minecraft users have reported facing the problem called “Failed to authenticate your connection.” This issue is triggered when the communication between your network and the server fails to connect.

The Possible Cause

This error pops up when a user tries to connect to the Minecraft server because of the flawed Minecraft or your unstable internet connection. Since the game requests a safe network connection, here is a list of how to solve your Internet problems.

How to Fix Minecraft “Failed to Authenticate Your Connection” Error

Restart WiFi Router

To power-cycle the internet router, you should unplug your router from the socket or reset it, and wait at least 10 seconds before connecting it or long-pressing the power button of the router. After that, plug the router again and turn on the power button. Then check if the issue is still displayed on your computer.

Restart Minecraft

In other cases, it is not necessary to fix your internet connection since the error occurs because the game was not opened correctly. Therefore, you should restart your launcher by opening the Task Manager from the taskbar and select the Processes tab to search for Minecraft. Click “End Task” and restart the launcher. After that, retry to open Minecraft and see if the error is solved.

Access “Direct Connect”

Sometimes it would be advisable to use the direct connect feature by opening the game’s launcher and go to the server list screen. Then click on “Direct connect” in Minecraft, which is located at the bottom of the window. Insert stuck.htpixel.net in the space and press on “Connect.”

Wait for a couple of seconds and then check again if the game is now successfully connected, without the Minecraft “Failed to Authenticate Your Connection” Error. If this way of fixing the match is successful, this means that your Minecraft launcher interferes with your connection via the server list.

If so, you need to reinstall the game to be connected automatically. Should you wish to keep the same version, you will need to use the direct connect feature every time you open the game. And, most likely, Minecraft will run without displaying the “Failed to Authenticate Your Connection” error

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