Minecraft: Get Ray Tracing With RTX on Windows 10

Xbox Series X has recently shown its ray-tracing capabilities in Minecraft. We did not get screenshots and videos, but we will get the chance to experience the graphical improvements, thanks to Nvidia’s RTX beta for Windows 10.

Ray tracing has been in the discussion from 2019, but now players can actually experience the graphical improvements. we will see the shadows, be them hard or soft, and global illumination.

So how can I get ray tracing in Minecraft?

In order to do so, you need to get success in the RTX beta on Windows 10. If you’re not part of the Windows 10 Beta for Minecraft, then you will need to install and then open the Xbox Insider Hub app on PC. After you’ve done that, select the Windows 10 beta, and then click on join.  You should get three radio buttons popping-up, the RTX beta included, which is what you will select.

If you already are in Minecraft for Windows 10 beta, then you will need to open the beta in Xbox Insider Hub, and then select Manage.  This will allow you to enroll in the RTX beta, in the management screen. Nvidia stated that you should uninstall and reinstall Minecraft if you encounter problems, in order to be able to download the RTX beta.  Also, make sure you always back up any of the worlds you want to keep.

In order to know if you’re in the right beta, you need to see the release number in the bottom right corner of the screen. If you see the release number 1.16, then it means that you’re in the Nether beta.

If you followed the steps, and you’re in the correct beta, then you will be able to get ray tracing in Minecraft. Don’t forget to download the free creator worlds from the Minecraft Marketplace.

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