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Minecraft Herobrine Skins – Short Guide On How To Use Them

Minecraft’s Herobrine is a terrifying character. Well, almost character, because, as you’ll shortly find out, it never reached that title. As for the original story from the 2010 horror story in the format of “Creepypasta,” Herobrine is presented as the ghost of the deceased brother of the game’s producer, Markus “Notch” Persson.

Even he doesn’t have a brother, the story intrigued him, and decided to give it a place in Minecraft’s world. The “character” succeeded in reaching a significant amount of popularity amongst players worldwide, being introduced and referenced by Mojang in lots of updates. Herobrine’s skin could often be challenging to use, and if you’re not sure how and where to start, follow the next tips and tricks for a great game experience!

How to Use the Herobrine Skins in Minecraft

Despite Herobrine’s popularity, it never made it to Minecraft, as a full character. It was, however, introduced as a skin in the Skin Pack 3. The pack was released in October 2012 for PS3 and Xbox 360.

Currently, it is available only for PS4 and Xbox One. Utilizing the Herobrine skin, the game will limit the multiplayer mode, and players won’t play different platforms anymore. If you’re willing, though, to try the skin, you can try following the next steps.

  1. Buy the Skin Pack 3 from the PlayStation Store or Xbox Games Store. Download it.
  2. Access the game menu. Pick your avatar and select the “Profile” option.
  3. Choose which character you want to change into Herobrine. Pick “My Packages.”
  4. Press down on the directional pad, and you’ll notice your cover options. Choose the “Cover Pack 3.”
  5. Search through the skin menu until you find the “Zombie Herobrine” and pick “Equip.”
  6. Utilize the back button to access the main menu, and your avatar will become Herobrine.

And that’s it! That’s how to use Herobrine skins in Minecraft.



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