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Minecraft: How To Build The Perfect Houses In The Game

Minecraft is in the top three best selling games of all time, and there’s no wonder why. The game released more than a decade ago and developed by Mojang along with other partners is an excellent source of inspiration for those who want a unique way of entertainment. Being far from featuring killer graphics, Minecraft stimulates the imagination and creativity of its players by allowing them to build pretty much anything they want.

But if you’re willing to create a nice-looking house in Minecraft, you may want to take a look through this article. Everybody runs out of ideas once in a while.

How To Build The Perfect House In Minecraft


What else could be more peaceful than a regular farmhouse, where you can lay low with your family, and enjoy activities together? This seems to be the idea here, and you can also build a garden around the house. You may never know when you’ll need to sow, reap, and harvest crops.

Modern House

Getting tired of the age-old designs of a house is normal, so you might check out how this house can be built. By using stones clay and slabs, you could create a modern home for you. Glass windows and the balcony are representing key design features. Feel free to test your productivity in Minecraft and build such a house, or even find a way to improve it!

Underground House

Who said that houses should necessarily be built by some old school layout? This house also defies the common ideas, as it can also be used as a bunker. If you also want a warm atmosphere, you could add some soft glowstone and motifs.

Playing Minecraft can allow you to create a huge variety of structures within the game, being a great way of spending your time in a creative way. Minecraft is currently available for Windows, OS X, and Linux.



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