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Minecraft: How to Make an Iron Golem to Protect Your Base

Minecraft, the blocky world created by Mojang, is one of the most renowned game in the world, with millions of active players per month. We’re now a decade into the title, and while some things have not changed, there are a plethora of new features.

If you took some time away from Minecraft of you just started to play, here is a short and simple guide on Iron Golem, which is a rather useful creature once you know its purpose.

So What is an Iron Golem?

These friendly mobs are powerful mates to have roaming around your base or village. They can follow you if you attach a lead and act as your personal bodyguard. However, you cannot use them against Creepers or Endermen.

Iron Golems can be found in large villages and will always side with and protect the villagers. Even if you actually created it, attacking a villager close to an Iron Golem will make it attack you, with a powerful force that can also throw opponents into the air.

How to Make an Iron Golem

As the name suggests, you need a lot of iron to make an Iron Golem​: four blocks to be exact, which is a total of 36 iron ingots. Along with this, you’ll need a carved pumpkin (see how to carve a pumpkin below).

Place the blocks of iron in a ‘T‘ form with one block as the base and three blocks across the top of it. Add the carved pumpkin in the middle of the form, as shown in the image below, and your Iron Golem​ is ready to use.

How to Carve a Pumpkin

These types of blocks are incredibly rare. They usually show up in extreme hill biomes and plan biomes, but you can also get them sometimes in swamp biomes. The places to search for them are villages, mineshafts, dungeons, and woodland mansions.

Pumpkins are rather useless if you don’t carve them; then, they become one of the most useful items to have. To carve one, simply use sheers on a pumpkin block that is placed on the ground. You can then mine it and add it to your inventory.

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