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Minecraft: Java Edition – Nether Update Pre-Release 3 is Live With Bug Fixes and Changes

Minecraft: Java Edition has just received the ‘Nether Update’ pre-release 3, which comes with some new bug fixes. Now that we’re officially in the pre-release phase of development for the update, patches are getting rather long and not that interesting.  

It is all about small fixes and tweaks here and there to make the Nether Update a more immersive and enjoyable experience for all players. Pre-release 3 is now live, and it continues the same process, with the majority of changes being tiny.  

What the 1.16 Pre-Release Brought to Minecraft: Java Edition  

However, there are some worth noting, including the Nether Fortress that will now spawn a bit more often, and the possibility to place food on campfires that are unlit. Also, you can now see a bit better under lava when employing Fire Resistance, Piglins can now hear hests being opened or gold blocks being broken, even if they cannot see you, and there’s a loading screen available for loading, re-creating, or designing a world as well.  

In addition, the Nether Update fixed a lot of bugs and made some improvements, with the game now attempting to recover corrupted worlds from the initial pre-release 1 build. One of the most amazing things about this particular release is the fact that Mojang Studios has announced on a blog post that there are a few weeks only until the public release will be available.  

This matches previous speculations fans have reported, so it seems Mojang is following the schedule, in spite of all the events that took place this year. It also appears like the team is getting more professional and serious about fixing bugs, probably making sure the Nether Update will have a smooth release.  

If you are interested in finding out what the 1.16 pre-release brought to the game, you can read the complete changelog on the Minecraft forum. 



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