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Minecraft Live Will Allow You to Vote on the Next Mob That Comes to the Game

In a new announcement made by Mojang, the gaming studio revealed that participants to the Minecraft Live virtual event would be allowed to vote for the next mob they want to be rolled out to the popular blocky game. Now we finally know the choices.

Minecon is being replaced with Minecraft Live, which will be held as a virtual event this year. Mojang already noted in the event announcement that those who attend would be enabled to vote on the next Minecraft mob, and now the studio has revealed the three characters you get to choose from.

Three Mobs to Choose From During Minecraft Live

As per the announcement, all three come from other Minecraft games, so the vote will actually be on which one is best to be bought to Minecraft. Those include the Iceloger from Minecraft Dungeons, who takes up snowy and icy areas. If implemented into Minecraft, it will occupy mountainous regions and toss ice clouds at players.

The Moobloom from Minecraft Earth is a passive cow that has flowers growing on its back, and it has a particular engagement with bees that make players’ Flower Forest biomes even more floral. Finally, the third mob, the GlowSquid, also from Minecraft Earth, is incredibly similar to the existing squid mobs, but they are bioluminescent so they offer amazing underwater views.

The vote will take place during the Minecraft Live event that will be hosted by the game’s official Twitter account.

The upcoming Minecraft Live will take place on October 3rd. Besides the fan vote, Mojang has also promised some important updates that are expected to roll out soon. Minecraft Live has basically replaced Minecon, but it is not yet clear if it will remain a virtual event after this year’s case. Minecraft Festival, which is an annual community celebration, has been delayed to 2022.



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