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Minecraft: New Stunning Mod Has Functional PCs in the Game

Minecraft is acclaimed for the high degree of creative freedom it provides players with, and that creativity is not limited to the game itself. The title’s system makes it possible for players to create mods for the community to enjoy. Now, Reddit user DeltaTwoforce has developed a Minecraft mode that allows players to build fully functioning computers inside the game.  

Even in the game’s earliest stages, players were creating new skins and resource packs that changed the way the title looked. With the Minecraft Marketplace approach, players can now make even more intricate changes to the game, such as full-fledged minigames or Pac-Man mode 

Even outside the marketplace, modders are working hard, reinventing the popular title on a regular basis. Minecraft has always been most rewarding for players with lots of time on their hands, who have the means to put a lot of effort into creating something wild and complex.  

How the New Mod Works  

In a recent Reddit post, the player highlighted a new mod they have created, which enables fans of the game to assemble a working desktop computer. The parts are ordered from an in-game device and transported to the player by an airborne drone; players can then assemble their computer in their house, which is fully functional once assembled.

This computer mod is a rather outstanding achievement. As DeltaTwoForce says in the build’s instructions, the in-game PCs are able to run either Windows 98 or Windows Vista; even so, it is not clear yet whether or not it is possible to run Minecraft in the game, but although that is not on the table, this is still a remarkable feat, ready to complete the long legacy of amazing, masterful progresses developed in the game.  

With every new mod and creation, it looks like the old saying is becoming more and more true: in Minecraft, players can create anything they can think of. 



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