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Minecraft on PS5: What You Should Expect

​Sony‘s next-generation console, the PlayStation 5, is set to debut later this year, and with its upgraded hardware and software, we can’t wait to see how games change throughout the next few years.

On this note, Minecraft is one of the first titles to launch on the new console generation. The game will definitely see some changes at release, and here are some of the features we can expect to get on the PS5 edition of Minecraft.

4k Textures

The next-generation consoles will have the capacity to run games at a 4K resolution. We sure hope this option will also be available on Minecraft​, as it will only make the title look better than now.

Even in a game where textures are rather simplistic, 4K resolution can make a colossal difference as it adds a seamless view and offers a more immersive experience.

FPS Increase

Sony’s new consoles will also have an upgrade in terms of frames per second (fps). Overall, this would make Minecraft a lot smoother, as there is less of a pause between each frame on the screen.

​Some say Minecraft​ is expected to possibly implement 120fps, which is double the fps that’s now available on the PS4.

Ray Tracing

Ray Tracing is a lightning technique that gives settings an ultra-realistic look. At the moment, this is a function only available on PC as it needs a certain type of hardware to undertake. The PS5 may be able to mimic this technique in order to create the same effect we get on PCs but using different lighting methods.

Render Distance

Even though the render distance features don’t affect players’ experience in Minecraft​, it can decrease your immersion when you notice it. The enhanced hardware of the Ps5 should be able to provide almost seamless gameplay for fans of Minecraft, and because the world is almost flat in the title, it will be interesting to see how far the render distance is in the next-generation consoles.​



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