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Minecraft PE – How to Install and Run New Mods in Android and iOS

​Minecraft‘s open-world sandbox gameplay has inspired gamers on all platforms to recreate and explore all parts of the title. The great news is that Minecraft: Pocket Edition (Minecraft PE), also known as the Bedrock version of Minecraft, now officially supports add-ons and mods.

Getting them into your device can be a bit tricky, more so that there are now so many editors of the game operating on various devices. Still, we provided a simple and straightforward guide on how to install the add-ons and mods and get them running on your smartphone below.

How to Install and Run Mods in Minecraft PE

The process of installation differs on what type of operating system you are using: either Android or iOS.

We should note that not all mods and add-ons will function with recent variants of the game, and some have not received any update to make them compatible with Minecraft PE​. When using any add-on, it is best that you start with a new world, as the mod may trigger some major changes in the game.


Firstly, head to the Pocket Edition add-ons search page to get a mod. Make sure you are looking for .McWorld, .McPack, and .McAddon extension because other types of files won’t work on iOS.

On the downloads page, click on the ‘Download’ icon, and select ‘Open in Minecraft.’ A message saying ‘Import started’ will appear if you performed the action correctly. After the download process completes, head to Minecraft, and create a new world. Choose the mod from the add-ons list (from ‘Resource’ and ‘Behavior’ pack settings), and you’re good to go.


If your smartphone is not compatible with the Add-Ons For Minecraft app, you need to manually install them. First of all, download the FX File Explorer app. Once the application is installed, head to the PE add-ons search page and download any of the mods that use the .McPack or .McWorld extension.

Next, head to the ‘Downloads’ folder in the FX File Explorer, open the mod and select the option to import it to Minecraft PE​. Launch the game, create a new world, choose the mod from the list, and you’re set to enjoy a new mod in Minecraft PE​.

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