Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.14.1: Get the New Update as Soon as Possible

iOS players of Minecraft Pocket Edition will be thrilled to find out there’s a new update coming for them: 0.14.1. Don’t forget to get it as soon as possible

Minecraft Pocket Edition has come to a long road being the basic port of the Minecraft’s PC version. Right now, it comes closer and closer to a desktop version. It already has the Nether, a day & night cycle, and so many other features that were once found in the full game, as well. We have all seen how Pocket Edition looks better than the PC version because of the advanced lighting effects, which cannot be found on PC.

As we all know, Minecraft Pocket Edition is a survival game, which was developed by Mojang, and which is based on one of the most popular PC games out there, Minecraft.

In this game, players need to defend themselves against monsters, get as many resources as they can, and craft some items in order to survive. They also need to explore caves, dungeons, and alternative worlds, which are called Nether. They will also need to rely on creativity in order to build anything, from shelters to complex constructions, and enjoy the game at its fullest.

Besides the Survival Mode, there’s also the Creative Mode, in which players get free flight and unlimited resources, allowing them to build mega-constructions and incredible machines, all based on their creativity and imagination.

Minecraft Pocket Edition for iOS comes with multiplayer over Wi-Fi, and you can also play it online through various hosted game servers. It also has cross-platform multiplayer with Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition, and all the other versions of Minecraft Pocket Edition.

Get the game now for $6.99.

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