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Minecraft Realms – New Maps and Games are Available

In spite of being seven years old, Minecraft Realms is still getting new updates. For those looking to play Minecraft with friends, this mode is a fantastic option as it allows you to build and manage a private Minecraft​ server.

Some brand new map options have now become available, which you should definitely try.

Rodrun 2.0

The first variant of RodRun launched back in 2017, and after three long years, the second version is live with cool new features. These include new maps, power-ups, custom kill effects, as well as hidden Easter Eggs in the lobby.

In this mode, you get to run a lot and do everything you can to make your friends acknowledge your superior rod-running skills.

Bee Riders

This new addition to Minecraft Realms is a rather odd one, as it has you race with bees. Inspired by the Buzzy Bees map, Bee Riders offers something different. You just have to make sure you don’t get stung.

Rainbow Escape

There are numerous maps in the Minecraft collection that requires the player to solve some puzzles by thinking outside of the box.

​Rainbow Escape has an additional feature: a voice-acted story you can unravel by completing a number of incredibly hard trials. In order to test your skills with this map, you need to find out the answers to the numerous questions you get.

Escape the House

Escape the House places you at the edges of a luxurious mansion, filled with spacious rooms, an elevator, and several floors that are extravagantly decorated. Once you enter the mansion, you are required to complete a series of puzzles that will put at test your Minecraft knowledge.

Don’t be Last

One of the best blunders in sequencing history, Don’t be Last, places the players nearby a beacon and asks them to create the same Minecraft item.

The one that collects the necessary resources in a survival spawn using their Minecraft expertise wins the first place.

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