Minecraft Uses the Aether Engine to Create a 1,024 Player Server

​Minecraft has a plethora of servers players can enjoy, with different levels of popularity. The developers even allow players to rent private servers known as Realms for themselves, but, as pretty much any massive multiplayer (MMO) game, performance and reliability start to drop the more players there are in a single place.

If you consider starting areas for titles like Destiny 2, World of Warcraft, and many others, you may get reduced framerates, enhanced latency, and other performance issues. The Aether Engine by Hadean has the goal to address this problem with a unique solution on server technology.

Using the Aether Engine​, Mojang Studios was able to develop a server that can effortlessly support up to 1.024 unique players in only three days, and that was without any previous experience with the Aether Engine​ or knowledge on how to steadily optimize for it.

What the Aether Engine​ Does

What makes the Aether Engine​ unique is the fact that it can actively enhance to match larger loads or drop to free up resources during smaller loads. This means isolated regions in an online game will operate the same as much more populated areas, due to the face that the Aether Engine​ is able to scale in order to generate exactly what each area needs to run smoothly.

​This also means new titles that cannot predict how popular they’ll become after launch, such as Fall Guys, won’t encounter the issue of not having the needed resources to support those players, leading to long load times, lag, and misconnections.

The Aether Engine​ is able to remediate all these surges in real-time, so the number of players should not mess with the performance of the game overall. It is possible that the near future could mean even more massive MMO experiences, as well as much more complex Minecraft servers for players to enjoy.

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