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Minecraft With The Ray Tracing Feature Teased By Nvidia

News about Minecraft’s upcoming ray-traced edition has produced a lot of excitement lately. The game’s devs announced their collaboration with Nvidia and released a video teaser. We got to enjoy a short sneak peek of the ray-traced Minecraft world and a few tutorials. How much Minecraft changed? Also, how significant the ray-tracing feature will be, we find out from the latest sneak peek.

Ray-Tracing in Minecraft Got Teased

The sneak-peek has been developed in collaboration with the Minecraft community supporters, such as GeminiTay, Razzleberries, and BlockWorks, according to Nvidia. Razzleberries has made a world dubbed “Of Temples and Totems RTX,” which displays an adventure world, full of tasks in mysterious temples. Ray-tracing allows you to see global illumination and real-time shadows.

BlockWorks has developed a virtual world titled “Imagination Island RTX,” featuring a theme park with lots of easter eggs. The island comprises four different areas. Each of them is based on the distinct ray-tracing skills, such as shadows, global illumination, reflections, and caustics. On Imagination Island RTX, for example, you can notice the center of the park, which is put on spotlight by god rays cast in real-time, and it shines down onto the floor and windows.

As for the GeminiTay’s Minecraft world dubbed “Crystal Palace,” things are similar. The custom world features a castle and a survival map based on a fantasy theme. In this world, we can spot the ray-traced shadows and how the fantastic atmospherics bring some realism on a 1:1 scale world.

More for Minecraft Players

Along with those video teasers, Nvidia has also unveiled tutorials and tools. We find out how we can create a ray-traced world in Minecraft. The tools will help us, too, to develop distinct rendering textures. We’ll also be able to convert Java world int RTX worlds.



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