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MOND Hypothesis Could No Longer Be Just a Theory

Dark Matter is one of the big mysteries of the universe. There have been many studies done on this subject, but none proved to be a success. According to Newton’s universal law of gravitation, it was noticed that galaxies, among other large astronomical objects, displayed gravitational effects that could not be explained by the visible matter, for example, stars, gas, etc.

Stars travel extremely fast that they should be launched outwards, as stated in Newtonian physics. These observations could be explained if there was another source of gravity; for this reason, we look at the Dark Matter. Dark Matter is something invisible, like gravity, a pull that keeps stars orbiting around the galactic center.

The MOND Computer Model

There are many hypotheses about gravity based on Newton’s laws, but we are going to talk about the Modified Newtonian Dynamics (MOND). MOND model issued in a paper written by Mordehai Milgrom back in 1983. The MOND hypothesis could be a substitute explanation for the so-called Dark Matter.

The MOND computer simulation shows how galaxies formed in a universe without the presence of the Dark Matter. According to the computer software, the stars and galaxies came to existence through a gas cloud. The gas cloud materialized long after the Big Bang. Simulations results showed that the speed of the stars is very similar to galaxies studied so far as well as galaxies coming to life without prominent matter disks.

MOND Simulation Team

This computer model was proved by a team of researchers working with Prof. Dr. Pavel Kroupa from the Helmholtz Institute for Radiation and Nuclear Physics at the University of Bonn and the Astronomical Institute of Charles University in Prague at the University of Strasbourg.

In conclusion, this computer simulation is just the first step. The MOND hypothesis is very complex, which means this model needs to be modified to include many other factors that could change the final result. Pro. Dr. Kroupa wants to proceed with further tests based on assumptions about the original distribution of matter in the early universe.



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