More Parents Are Switching to Private School Education Following the Pandemic

Since the coronavirus pandemic has continued, parents are seeking out new schools for their children. This is due to many schools opting for remote learning. However, in-person learning may come at a higher cost through private-school education.

School districts across the U.S have reported significant academic learning loss due to virtual learning. This loss has been seen at every education level. Simultaneously, private schools have been capable of demonstrating flexibility with reopening due their larger campuses and smaller class sizes. “I am seeing unprecedented interest from the public-school community seeking entrance into private schools,” said Emily Glickman, the president of Abacus Guide Educational Consulting. Prior to the pandemic, many families did not consider private school education due the higher costs. However, the change in learning structure resulted in the need for parents to send their children to private schools in order alleviate the burden of learning from home.

A recent survey by EdChoice showed that approximately 41% of parents were more inclined to choose a private education for their children following the pandemic. Access to financial aid is also increasing. This has resulted in families being able to afford private school education that they could not before. The average tuition costs for private schools is around $26,866 per year. However, families who receive financial aid can have an average of $19,240 paid towards their child’s tuition fees. “There’s definitely increased interest in financial aid,” said Myra McGovern, a spokeswoman for the National Association of Independent Schools. “Schools that used up most of their financial aid earlier in the year are now considering ways to provide more,” she said.

Some states have been working to increase access to financial aid for education. In Florida, for example, Florida’s Step Up for Students has been providing private-school scholarships for low-income Florida families. They also increased the eligibility level to almost $100,000 for a family of four.

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