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Motorola Executive Just Confirmed the Razr 2 Foldable Smartphone is Launching Soon

The Motorola Razr smartphone with a folding screen has just been announced, with a scheduled release date set for September of this year.

Thibault Dousson, General Manager of Lenovo in South Africa, revealed for Reframed Tech by Reframed in a podcast that the mobile phone is on its way to the market, with some great upgrades.

Second-Generation Motorola Razr

The first Razr phone was a real symbol when it was launched in the early 2000s, but turned a corner with it was reintroduced as a folding smartphone for today with a foldable display inside rather than a physical number pad. Even though it was revealed late last year, Motorola‘s Razr was available for purchase in February of 2020.

That is just three months ago, so it is a bit surprising that a new model has already been announced. However, Samsung is already developing its second-generation of the Galaxy Fold after manufacturing issues canceled the first, and Huawei‘s Mate XS was a second-generation version as well.

Still, those were both tablets that folded to phone size. What Motorola Razr did was more interesting, as, like the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, it was a mobile phone that folded down into a small device, and was extremely similar to the original model.

Motorola Razr 2 Concept

With regards to the upcoming version, note that this is not an official product reveal, because what Dousson said was: “There’s a new version coming out. There’s one in September, I think.”

There’s a bit of uncertainty in the statement, so perhaps the release month is not actually scheduled, but then, again, it’s hard to believe a Lenovo executive would get the existence of the smartphone wrong.

Dousson did not share any more details, and the interviewer did not ask much, so there’s nothing else we know. Considering that the first version of the Motorola Razr encountered mixed reviews, we sure hope there are some improvements in the second-generation model.



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