Mozilla Firefox 72 Update Enhances Privacy Features And More

Mozilla Firefox, or simply Firefox, is a free and open-source web browser that ascended to the Firefox 72 version. This new update appears to have stepped up its efforts to offer user-centric and privacy-focused features.

Features of the latest Firefox 72 update

Mozilla has also offered abilities for developers located in Firefox’s Developer Tools section. The watchpoints feature is a type of breakpoint that helps determine where properties on objects are read or set. New timings tab in the Network Monitor that shows queued start and download times for each resource. Shadow Parts in CSS is now enabled. The new Motion Path CSS allows developers to animate a graphical element along a custom path.

Another feature adds a blue button to a playing video, allowing users to continue playback in a floating, chromeless window, small by default, but easily resizable. Notification pop-ups are no longer an issue using the latest Firefox update. Such notification permission prompts are rejected and can be shut down completely.

A new privacy feature claims that “Firefox 72 protects users against fingerprinting by blocking all third-party requests to companies that are known to participate in fingerprinting,” as Mozilla noted.

Major change

Mozilla has decided to adopt a four-weekly release cycle. Mozilla appears to have planned several exciting and powerful features to boost the evolution, and quite possibly the adoption, of the Firefox web browser.

As Google Chrome is still the king of web browsers, Firefox’s users’ number is declining significantly.

Apple iOS and Mac OS users are still committed to the Safari web browser. Furthermore, Mozilla Firefox is challenged with the Chromium-based Microsoft Edge web browser’s newest stable version to be accessible for download on January 15, 2020.

After launching out the Mozilla Firefox 72, the organization sent out another minor update that patches a 0-day vulnerability, bringing us to the latest Mozilla Firefox 72.0.1 stable version.

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