Mozilla’s Firefox Private Network VPN is Now Available for Android

VPN services are rather important, even though most people don’t realize it. They help you keep your browsing and IP address private, and discourage trackers from having access to your personal data.

Now, Mozilla, the developer behind the popular Firefox web browser, has finally released a Firefox Private Network VPN for Android-powered devices, after it experimented a while with the feature. Back in September of last year, the company has rolled out the service as a browser extension, and a beta version in December.

The service was and still is, restricted to users from the United States for now and available for $4.99 per month throughout the beta phase. The company has not unveiled any details on final pricing or about accessibility in other countries.

Firefox Private Network Offers Some Main Points of Mozilla’s VPN

The recently-released Android version comes with support for Android devices, and because Firefox Private Network is still in beta phase, the same restrictions apply to the Android variant. It is only accessible if you connect from the U.S. via Google Play Store, and there is a waiting list that allows you to enter the program if you register.

People from outside of the United States have the option to get the app from other sources, such as mirror services that host Android APK files. The app showcases some of the key selling points of Mozilla’s VPN service by default, such as:

  • It allows you to connect up to five devices. You can stream, download and play games and it won’t restrict your bandwidth
  • It offers device-level encryption. Your location or activity will be hidden, as well as unsecured Wi-Fi networks
  • No activity logs. Mozilla doesn’t log into users’ activity by default
  • It has servers in 39 countries. ‘Stand up to tech bullies and protect your access to the web,’ the description reads.

Firefox VPN users can install the app on their device to connect to the VPN network. All the apps and traffic will use that connection after it is created.

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