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NASA Announces Graduation of Future Astronauts to Walk on the Moon

NASA‘s plan to send humans to the Moon is being under development for a while now. When the current administration of the U.S. asked for a deadline of 2024 on a crewed expedition to the natural satellite of our planet, it accelerated NASA’s schedule a bit.​

Now, the space agency is working overtime to deliver its technological rates in a row to achieve the target, one of the most important pieces of the whole picture coming into focus: the human factor.

In a new post on NASA’s website​, the space agency announces the forthcoming graduation of the latest bunch as astronaut nominees. The graduating class, which contains 13 future space explorers, will be acclaimed on January 10th. 

These 13 would-be astronauts were just a small part of the more than 18,000 applicants who registered their applications to be a part of NASA’s astronaut missions. The bunch includes 11 NASA contenders and also a couple of astronauts who will be part of the Canadian Space Agency. Before being nominated for expeditions into space, the candidates had to complete two full years of serious training.

Astronauts in This Class Will Probably Walk on the Moon

What’s specifically unusual about this astronaut class is the fact that it is the first group to graduate since the space agency designed its Artemis project. According to NASA, this bunch of graduates probably has astronauts who will eventually land on the Moon and most likely even become the first humans to travel to Mars in future missions.

Most probably, the first manned expeditions to the Red Planet will not actually land on its surface, but those first missions to Mars will probably just travel into a rotation around the planet. This would be an amazing success, but we’re not yet to a place where NASA can even begin to predict such an expedition would even be attainable.



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