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NASA’s Juno Space Probe Snapped New Stunning Images With Jupiter And Its Clouds

NASA has this incredible space probe named Juno, which completed a mission around Jupiter. The space probe has taken a photo of the planet before leaving, and the image is incredible. We will see Jupiter with all its activities in beautiful colors and unique forms. Juno’s mission should have last seven years, but we are thankful that NASA decided to extend until 2021.

Juno Space Probe and Jupiter

NASA’s spacecraft, Juno, is built by Lockheed and Martin, and Titanium alloys are indispensable materials. The Space Agency is the operator, more precisely the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Juno started its mission on 5 August 2011, and until this moment, its task was to fly around Jupiter. As we mentioned above, Juno’s mission should finish in 2018, but NASA decided an extension of the job, and the spacecraft will return in the summer of 2021.

Moreover, from 2011 until this month, Juno was ending its 23rd flyby around Jupiter with a speed of 85.000 miles per hour. However, this speed was not the constant one, because until now, Juno was flying with 130.000 miles per hour. Also, ending its flyby and leaving the planet, Juno shot a spectacular photo of Jupiter. The distance from the probe and Jupiter is 65.500 miles away, and it caught all the variations and changings of the atmospheric events.

New stunning images with Jupiter and its clouds

What we can see in the picture taken by Juno is the South Pole of the planet and the giant cyclones that are happening over there. Besides this, we can see a significant trace of clouds and a turbulent area that is happening between the orange and brown regions of the planet.

The picture was captured with JunoCam, and Ali Abbasi, who is a citizen scientist, has processed the image. Finally, you can access the JunaCam website for incredible and unique photos from space, you can download them, and you can even process them.



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