Nature Needs to be Protected Before we can Address Climate Crisis

It was about time for the political agenda ​to consider the climate emergency we are currently facing. In the last few months, a crisis that has received very little awareness, but is incredibly urgent, is the disastrous reduction in our nature and wildlife.

The United Kingdom is among the countries that have an incredibly low amount of nature, and this status is only worsening. A report that peaks into the situation of British nature was released this year and noted that almost half the species observed showed a strong or average decline over the last few years. The shocking discoveries showed that 15 percent of the U.K.’s wildlife species are at high risk of extinction. Birds and animals such as curlew, water vole, adder, or common toad are now facing a cruel fate.

There are numerous conservation organizations in the U.K., such as the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust, RSPB, Plantlife, and so on. They do an incredible job in protecting the wildlife, but they have not been able to stop the abrupt decline.

Nature Needs Protection

The Green Party has also had the most determined policies regarding the nature of any other political party, having over 70 such proposals, such as reducing pesticide use, and re-purposing the economy. However, it is not sufficient only to have strong measures, but taking action to protect the nature is more than crucial.

A report from five of the most prominent conservationists and nature writers in Britain to create a plan on how to make sure nature survives was recently commissioned. The report is called A New Deal for Nature. 

Its motion considers individual, public, but also government action. They include national parks, farming, biosecurity, the marine environment, but they also focus on education. More precisely, it talks about how to allow children to have access to nature so they can recognize the natural environment, develop a love for it, and feel the need to preserve it.

The authors of the report say they want to be radical, aspirational, and inclusive, basing on the best science accessible today. Some measures in the proposal could be considered controversial, but nature needs to be saved.

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