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NBA 2K21​ – What is the CE-34878-0 Error and How to Fix It

​​NBA 2K21 players have reported they have encountered the CE-34878-0 error, which they did not know how to fix to continue to play the game. In this post, we listed some solutions that have proven to work, so if you had this issue with NBA 2K21​, go through these fixes.

What is the CE-34878-0 Error and What Causes it?

The CE-34878-0 is an error code that only appears on PS4, usually when playing on MyTeam mode, after NBA 2K21​ crashes. It can happen at random, but for some players, the issue can occur even after restarting the game – overall, it is a big flaw that can break the game if it appears continuously.

There are several possible causes for the NBA 2K21​ CE-34878-0 error, and we mentioned below some of the most common ones. For some players, the error is a one-time thing, so if the issue doesn’t occur again after rebooting the console, you can no longer concern yourself with it.

Here are some causes that may trigger the NBA 2K21CE-34878-0 error​:

PS4 Firmware is Outdated

Your PS4 sends you a notification to update the system when a build is available, and it detects the new version. However, if you do not connect your console to the Internet most times or you play on it offline, it is possible that the NBA 2K21CE-34878-0 error​ appeared because the PS4 firmware is outdated.

To verify if that’s the issue, try connecting your PS4 to the Internet so it can install the new updates.

Corrupted Game Files

If the game files are damaged, NBA 2K21​ is prone to encounter setbacks such as crashes, errors, or performance problems.

Hard Drive Issues

A more serious cause behind some PS4 games errors could be a bad hard drive. The default hard drive on the console is similar to a regular mechanical drive on most computers, and therefore, it can create problems if a component fails to work.

Other times, your hard drive may suffer from data corruption because of software glitches, which affects the way games work on the PS4.

How to Fix the NBA 2K21 CE-34878-0 Error

There have been many players who managed to solve this issue and have handed out their solutions. Check them below and see which one works in your case.

Keep Everything Updated 

To avoid any issues with your PS4, make sure the console’s software is updated – this means that you should have all the apps and games running their most recent versions. This is the simplest way to solve various bugs and prevent new ones from appearing.

Refresh the System Cache

​If your PS4 is fully updated, but the game still displays the CE-34878-0 error, reboot the console. This will refresh the system cache, which can sometimes end up corrupted and may cause minor issues.

To refresh the system cache, turn the console off, unplug its power cord and wait for 30 seconds. After waiting for 30 seconds, restart the PS4, load the game, and check if the error appears again.

Unpin XP Agendas

According to some reports, players were able to fix the NBA 2K21 CE-34878-0 error by simply unchecking their XP agendas. Before getting on to something more serious, check out this suggestion.

Repair Game Files

There are two solutions for those who may have corrupted game files: delete your game data locally – but make sure you create a backup in the cloud before proceeding – or rebuild your console database.

Reinstall NBA 2K21​

A more drastic fix when none of the above solutions worked is to delete the game entirely and reinstall it. This usually works for glitches more serious than basic troubleshooting can solve.

Check for Hard Drive Errors

One of the solutions mentioned above should solve the NBA 2K21 CE-34878-0 error, but if absolutely nothing has worked so far, you may have to consider that your hard drive may be the cause of the issue.

Diagnosing a bad hard drive on a PS4 is not that easy as doing it on a regular PC, as there are no available apps to run tests and check for errors. However, if you regularly encounter consistent errors when playing all or multiple games, that should be a sufficient indicator that your hard drive may need to be formatted or replaced.

In case none of the solutions worked, consider writing to the NBA 2K21 developing team as all games have such a section in case of serious issues.



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