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NBA 2K21 – Best Shooting and Playmaking Badges to Use

​NBA2K21​ is finally available, introducing a few of brand new MyPlayers climbing up the NBA scale and becoming popular in The Neighborhood. However, the shooting mechanism in the game has raised some controversies.

In comparison to older games, it is more difficult to sink a massive three-pointer or take any player off the dribble. Fortunately, the title features some badges that will help your shots to have a better chance to go through the hoop.

While selecting a badge, remember that you can choose and level up them a few times. When you pick one for the first time, it is designated as a Silver trait. After picking it for four times, it will turn into a HOF level treat. You should consider leveling up the badges you choose the most immediately after the hall of fame level, in any way possible. The below guide takes you through the best shooting and playmaking badges in NBA 2K21​.

Best Shooting Badges in NBA 2K21

It will take some time to get used to the alternations of the shooting system in NBA 2K21​. Still, you can make the mechanics more convenient by choosing badges, more so when you are selecting point guards and shooting guards with a focus on marksmanship.

​You can then unlock and pick over 20 badges to use while shooting. Choosing the right ones will allow you to help the MyPlayer in taking down hard shots and open corners three times faster than normal.

Catch and Shoot

Catch and Shoot abilities are of major importance in the MyCareer and MyPlayer modes. You only get to monitor one player on the court, so it is crucial to get open for a fast catch and shoot. This badge will help such attempts to pass through the bucket with increased frequency.

Corner Specialist

Corner three is the shortest shot on the court to get a three-point attempt off, making it the best shot in basketball. Your ability to perform these shots successfully and regularly is rather crucial in scoring big points in the title.

Dead Eye

This badge decreases the effect of a defender about to close out. So, in essence, if a player hurries at the shooter trying to change the shot, this badge enables the shot to get exactly where it is targeted to, in spite of the defender going against you.

Difficult Shots

This trait allows tougher attempts such as off dribble shots and fadeaways to go down at a more regular pace. The Difficult Shot badge enhances this mechanic even further and sends you on the path to become a legend.

Flexible Release

Sometimes, it can be pretty challenging to properly time the shot meter, but the Flexible Release badge is incredibly useful in such situations as it will help you perform successfully with greater frequency, even if you do not time the release in a perfect manner.

Hot Zone Hunter

This badge will improve the shot percentage for attempts made inside the player’s chosen zone, and it will especially be useful for players who tend to try to score from particular places.

Range Extender

Range Extender enables your players to drop bombs from distant ranges, just like the cover athlete of NBA 2K21​ Damian Lillard does.

Best Playmaking Badges in NBA 2K21

You can win in NBA and on the blacktop by managing key plays in transition, trouncing defenders with great moves, and passing skillfully on the court. Most of the badges do not actually improve much the newly dribbling system in NBA 2K21​, but there is a great focus on the Playmaking badges that need to be on passing, energy, and teamwork.

Floor General

Players such as Magic Johnson and LeBron James are the best at enhancing the performance of players around them. Thanks to the Floor General badge, the offensive features of all players on the floor get automatically improved.

Handles for Days

This badge helps you conserve energy while dribbling. Since stamina is prone to go down rather quickly, you can use this trait to your benefit. It will make it possible for you to show some amazing dribble moves without getting tired.

Lob City Passer

The Lob City Passer badge enhances the attribute level of the dunker and thrower in alley-oop conditions. It makes a more intense and proficient and have some more fun with highlight players.

Quick First Step

This particular trait helps you be more explosive out of triple threats and size-ups. The badge does a great job when used on the most highly-rated players in the game.


This badge has been created especially to get rid of the annoying ball-stealing thing as it makes it incredibly harder for defenders to snatch the ball from you.

​These tips and explanations should help you get better at NBA 2K21​ and enjoy it more. 



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