NBA 2K21: Release Date, Price and Editions

The amazing basketball game NBA 2K21 is going to come out soon, but there is definitely a lot that we do not about the upcoming release of 2K. We have to wait quite a lot before we get any updates, so let us feel a bit better about ourselves and make a small recap about what we can expect from NBA 2K21. Who knows? Maybe, if we do a recap, we will wait the game even more impatiently.

Release Date

The release date for NBA 2K21 has already been confirmed to be 4 September, which will land on a Friday. That is just perfect because we will be able to get out of the week and spend an entire weekend playing our favorite, newest basketball game. Considering the vents that have absolutely rocked the world during 2020, it is definitely an impressive feat that NBA 2K21 is actually going to be released according to its original schedule.


NBA 2K21 will have something that might scare off some people who are not die-hard fans of the genre. Its price tag will be bumped up to 70 USD, a sum that that will set the standard for the rest of the games in the industry and that is one of the few next-gens to reach that kind of amount. After so many years with games priced at 60 USD upon release, we might feel this one a little bit in our pockets.


NBA 2K21 will give its players a number of tough decisions to make. Personally, I think that the biggest decision there is has to be made regarding the edition of the game. There is the Current-Gen Standard Edition, which will be available on 4 September, but there is also the Next-Gen Standard Edition, which can be played on other consoles during the Holiday Season. If you want to get both of those, the Mamba Forever Edition is available starting on 4 September.

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