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NBA 2K21: These Are the Players We’re Hoping to See in the League

We are lucky that we’re getting this game soon, and that it has not been affected by the pandemic. The previews gave us an idea of how good the game will be, and we cannot wait to get our hands on it. These are the players we’re hoping to see in the league.

Luka Doncic

It is safe to say that, with this player, we might strike gold. He has managed to turn the Dallas Mavericks into a playoffs team in no time, and he might be the kind of player that can show how amazing the game could be. He has always proved how good he is.

We expect him to get his score higher. He is loved by the fans, so he will surely go higher.

Damian Lillard

We know that this one took his time, but he is finally recognized as the fantastic player he is. Lillard is one of the three three cover athletes for the NBA 2K21 edition, and this means that he will be a cheat code in the game.

He has managed to become one of the best scorers in the entire world. There is only one thing holding him back: the lack of defense.

Anthony Davis

We all know he has been struggling with a small market team. He managed to get into the Los Angeles Lakers and had the incredible opportunity of playing next to LeBron James. And led a Championship contender to the best record ever in the Western Conference.

He has impressive skills, and he is a great talent – one of the top-tier players in basketball history. His campaign? Defensive Player of the Year – Most Valuable Player kind of campaign. So we believe he is worth his high ranking.

Russell Westbrook

This player had to face a lot of criticism when entering the season. People did not believe that he was able to actually be in the same tea with James Harden and that Houston Rockets will not be around too much time. But that was not the case.

He is still not appreciated as he should be, even if he is one of the best skilled and talented players in history. He should get an upgraded rating for the 2K21 version.

Joel Embiid

This one is yet another talented basketball player we have ever seen. He was a teenager when he started playing, and his game got better with time. But we believe he is only at the beginning of the road, and that he will become even better. Imagine the competition!

However, there are some things holding Embiid back, and that’s the lack of durability. Also, rumor has it, he does not have a good food habit. But overall, we believe his rating should go up.

Paul George

Paul George had to deal with a shoulder injury for most of the season. So he decided to take a step back to Kawhi Leonard. But, even if he was not at his best, he was still one of the greatest players in the league.

But now that he is back and ready, the Clippers will still be a Championship contender. With all of this in mind, we expect his rating to go up with at least one point. And about him being an MVP candidate, we think he has what it takes.





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