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New 2020 iPhone SE – What Was Changed In The Camera?

The first 2020 iPhone was recently launched. Though it’s not one of the company’s flagships, it will undoubtedly be an instant hit. Unfortunately, there is an unexpected setback.

Jon Posser from Front Page Tech said in an interview that the new budget iPhone would not feature the camera module expected by so many users. Unfortunately for us, he is most likely right because he has provided accurate Apple intel all year.

According to Prosser, Apple will fit the new iPhone SE with the primary camera from the 2018 iPhone XR, and that is big news for a single reason. Many leakers suggested that Apple was going to use the primary camera from the iPhone 11 lineup.

Is It Bad?

We all know that the primary camera of the iPhone 11 Pro is way better than the one of the iPhone XR.

When the 2018 iPhone lineup was introduced, their main downside was the camera module, which looked dated in comparison to what Google and Huawei had to offer.

It was all changed one generation later, but that is not so relevant since we don’t get a camera module from one generation later.

Is It Still Worth It?

We believe that the new SE still deserves some credit since it packs Apple’s A13 chipset, which currently returns the most advanced smartphone performance.

The fact that it uses the design of the iPhone 8 means we will be receiving a fantastic performer in a small package that we are familiar with, almost like a sleeper smartphone.

Given the current pandemic situation, few smartphones will be launched on schedule and meet demand. Chances are Apple is one of the few manufacturers that will finish the year with a best-selling smartphone.



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