New iPad Model Rumored To Come Out This Year

Looking into the rumor mill, you can see that a new Apple iPad tablet is going to arrive on the market. We don’t know for sure whether this rumor is related to the upcoming iPad Pro, iPad mini, or the 10.2-inch iPad, but something is definitely on the way.

We are already getting excited about this news! Apple products are very popular among the consumers, and we would like to see the features that he company will introduce with the upcoming iPad. As the new Apple iPad tablet is just around the corner, we probably won’t have to wait too long to see the final product. We also expect new rumors and leaks to surface the internet, so keep an eye open too.

Rumors on a new iPad model

Thanks to the Eurasian Economic Commission database! The latest regulatory filing documents from the database have shown that a new iPad could be on the way to the market. MacRumors first shared this information; therefore, we are keen to believe that Apple is up to something.

However, the documents from the Eurasian Economic Commission database don’t share too much. The only thing that t confirms is an iPad tablet that runs on the iOS 13 operating system. The rumor might be about this year’s iPad Pro models; however, things are very unclear at the moment. This year’s iPad Pro tablets are rumored to come out with a triple rear camera with sensors arranged in a rectangle, together with a 3D sensing feature.

There could be other possibilities regarding this iPad running on iOS 13, such as the updated iPad mini or even the 10.2-inch iPad. However, due to the situation around the world with the coronavirus outbreak, the so-called new tablet could be delayed. We don’t know for sure what Apple actually has in their basket as the filling doesn’t confirm anything.

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