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New iPhone 12 Concept Showcases Futuristic Features, Including A 3D Hologram Projector

Many Apple fans are looking forward to the release of the next generation of iPhones, the iPhone 12 series, but Apple has been quite determined to keep the specifications and changes a secret, at least for the foreseeable future.

Of course, the internet is filled with a significant amount of rumors related to the upcoming device, while some designers and creators share their own concepts which depict how the upcoming devices should look like.

A new concept has been released by a popular concept creator, and it comes with some boons that would make the next iPhone 12 a major hit among many users due to the impressive amount of novel functions and features that are highlighted.

iPhone 12 concept presents futuristic features

One of the major highlights is a fully bezel-less display that has no traces of a notch or any orifice. The display of the device is extended on the size, with several app icons being accessible from the borders. Such an addition would be quite useful since users could activate other apps while they are already doing something else without the need to exit to the main menu or use Siri.

The camera module placed on the upper left side on the rear of the device is maintained, but the number of cameras is increased to six and accompanied by a multi-LED flash.

Another futuristic feature would be a built-in 3D hologram projector that could render fully-featured holograms over the screen of the device. The projector would be housed within the display of the device, along with a selfies camera that should provide impressive images.

While Apple is experimenting with augmented reality, it is unlikely that any of these features would be implemented even in the case of the most expensive iPhone 12 version. Even if the camera module is the most viable part of the concept, it will increase the cost of the final product by a significant amount, a change that would alienate many potential buyers.



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