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New Leaks About the Fourth Season of Apex Legends: Do We Get Revenant?

There’s a new leak out there with regards to Apex Legends. ‘That1MiningGuy’ made sure to give fans details about Revenant, after Apex Legends was absent from the Season 4 dev stream on the 23rd of January.

After the events from Season 3, with the Shadowfall LTM giving many leaks to the fans, everyone started to think that Revenant will be released next in Apex Legends. But they were shocked to find that Forge would actually make its appearance in Season 4. We also have new clues with regards to the double-release, which includes Revenant.

It is clear that Forge will come to Season 4, but there are also new pieces of evidence showing that there could of two legends making their appearances in the games. There’s a new feature out there that shows the next in line by changing one of the characters from the web address for an image asset on EA’s site. We can see the red robot that’s holding a metal skull right in front of a backdrop. There’s also a volcano and some skyscrapers. It was not officially uncovered by the developers, so right now, it is just a leak.

Fans started to think that there are two Legends coming to the game on either Season 4 or in the events coming for the fourth season.  Some of the fans saw Revenant on the web page created for the fourth season; he was nowhere to be found in the new content from the game.

The company is full of mysteries, and fans are eager to find what’s in the fourth season of the game.

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