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New Mod Enables You to Play Doom in Minecraft

Minecraft is probably the original lodger of a place that Fortnite has definitely now slipped into as well – a game that completely exploded into public consciousness, then slowly stopped being mentioned as much, in spite of still boasting enormous player figures.

Millions of players all over the world are still exploring and discovering new things they can do in this blocky universe, and the creativity of the title’s modding part is almost stupefying at times.

Running the Original Doom in Minecraft

This is one of those cases, as a mod from VM Computers has been around for a short while. The mod allows players to construct an actual, working PC using parts they gather in the game, which can boot a number of different operating systems.

That is impressive enough on its own but is also a gateway. Reddit user uDrunkMate has managed to get the original Doom running on their in-game PC, which quite literally means they created a running game within a game. That a pivotal test for a successful hack, as many consider, and we’re definitely impressed with the achievement.

We’ve already seen Minecraft being played in Minecraft, but this new success brings Doom to the in-game Minecraft world. The Redditor used the VM Computers mod to run the title from within their Minecraft game, and according to The Verge, the mod uses VirtualBox, a free, open-source virtual machine software – hence the VM in the mod name – to operate retro OS such as Windows 95.

Here is the mod in action:

I played DOOM in Minecraft with VMComputers mod. from Minecraft

The new development should not come as a surprise, more so as YouTuber Fundy recently made the whole of Minecraft playable within Minecraft, as we already mentioned.

“The most challenging part was to actually have it update in real-time. Of course, I could show my screen in Minecraft, and getting that done wouldn’t take too much time, but making it run fast, smooth, and [in] real-time was the toughest part,” Fundy said.

Minecraft is Now Playable in Minecraft

The YouTuber explained it created the mod by having a separate server running coded in Node, so it records the entire monitor. The program then took the pixels from the desktop and switched them into RBG values, which recreated the colors and compares them to blocks in the game.

When asked what inspired him to create the Minecraft mod, Fundy told GamesRadar: “I’ve always had an interest in making weird contraptions/creations. In the past, I made a program that allowed me to control my computer via messages. I’d have the live stream open, where people from the live stream could type “left” in the chatbox, and after a few seconds, the character or program that my computer was running would then also move to the left.​

In other news, Minecraft fans have discovered the world seed for Minecraft’s most popular world, which is the map that showcases in the background behind the game’s title screen.

After a fan-run project started in June 2020, players had been trying to locate the world’s seed, namely the particular string of numbers that created a certain unique Minecraft world.

After the project lead, Tomlacko understood ‘as much as [they] could about the panorama, and its world (the version, world axis and the exact Z coordinate using clouds),’ they shared their discoveries on the Discord server of Minecraft@Home and a month later, the seed was found.

This does raise the question of where the end is for this tech, but it would seem like the sky is the limit.



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