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New Nintendo Switch Model Might Launch This Year, As Per Some Rumors

If it’s about rumors, we can either trust every word and hope for the best, or question everything and set at least one expectation. Recent speculations about a new Nintendo Switch arrival resurfaced and created quite a stir. The great news involves a 2020 launch, a thing that raises a lot of expectations. But how precise could be this rumor?

A new Nintendo Switch model might launch this year

According to the Taiwanese tech, DigiTimes, Nintendo intends to take another path, bringing a new Nintendo Switch console, somewhere around the first quarter of the year. The company’s aim is that they are developing an upcoming variant of the console. We could see a console packed with more memory, longer battery life, and better HD graphics. Everything mentioned above and probably much more, soon in mid-2020.

The rumors, however, are mostly from forums and analysts with a lot of gossips. No one has ever seen a development order from Nintendo, or patent projects, or any other information that a new console is going to happen. Currently, we can expect anything from Nintendo, but until some official statements, all the speculations could fuel even bigger rumors. But if we could try our hand with a guess based on the latest biggest developers’ actions, a new addition in the Switch series is needed.

Nintendo Switch So Far

Nintendo Switch created the first buzz back in 2017 when it was launched. The console is a hybrid one, and it can be utilized both as a portable device and as stationery. Also, it is designed with some wireless Joy-Con controllers, directional analog functions for user input, standard buttons, tactile feedback, and motion sensing.

Nintendo Switch’s software allows online gaming through Internet connectivity with other consoles, as well. It became so popular due to its easiness of control, genuine experience, and accessibility.



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