New Terraria Mode To Make The Game More Accessible For New Players

Terraria has been a popular video game for several years, and the developers behind the title are working on one last major update before they will move to a new project. Now, a new Terraria mode makes the game more accessible for newcomers.

The popular Metroidvania title has stolen the hearts of many players from all over the world as it offers a fascinating and engaging gameplay experience. However, it also has a steep learning curve, as many veteran players can confirm. During the first hours of gameplay, a character can feel quite underpowered, and the arsenal of available items is quite restricted.

Such a slow start may be a bit disappointing for new players that have heard many good things about the game, and the developers have been hard at work on a new game mode, which is named Journey Mode.

More about the new Terraria mode

Journey Mode will allow players to explore Journey Worlds and comes with a handful of features that are limited to these specific realms. For example, the player will receive a selection of superior starting items in this mode: Iron Shortsword, Iron Axe, Iron Pickaxe, Iron Hammer, Finch Staff (grants a bird companion that will sit on your shoulders and fly away to attack enemies)100, Torches, 100 Rope, Magic Mirror, Starter Wings (remove fall damage, and offer the ability to fly over short distances).

It is also worth noting that the Journey Worlds are a fusion between Survival and Creative Worlds. Players will have the option to use a new research system to scan any item that can be found in the game. With the help of the duplication menu, they can create an unlimited number of copies.

This task will be facilitated by a robust search interface that will list more than 5,000 items that can be found in the game. Several other features will be available in the new Terraria mode, including the ability to adjust weather, time, and the difficulty of the game on the fly.

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