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New UV Light Robot Can Disinfect Areas in Two Minutes

As the coronavirus continues to spread, and new cases are identified across the world, some companies are hard at work on the development of solutions that could be used to combat the virus.

One of the is Xenex, a company located in Texas, which has created a new robot that can be used for a variety of purposes. The robot, which is known under the name of LightStrike, has been dubbed to be a full germicidal spectrum UV light cleaning robot with smart capabilities.

Such technology of this type is already employed in upper echelon medical institutions across the world, and the new model can destroy up to 99.99% of the coronavirus particles that can be found in a room in approximately 2 minutes.

New UV Light Robot Can Disinfect Areas in Two Minutes

A similar performance was recorded in 2015 when a device created by the company could wipe out Ebola particles in 60 seconds. Many institutions have decided to use the robots developed by Xenex because they are quite efficient and work fast.

Xenex was founded in 2009 by two epidemiologists who worked at Johns Hopkins. In comparison to other robots that claim such abilities, the products offered by Xenex can reduce infection rates by up to 100%, a feat that has been certified by several studies, some of which being published in esteemed medical journals.

The robots employ a pulsed xenon UV technology, which is deemed to be superior in and more friendly towards the environment. A press statement that was shared recently notes that the demand for devices manufactured by the company has risen exponentially in recent weeks.

It is not surprising that such performance is accompanied by a hefty price tag, as a single unit will cost $125,000. Such a price tag may seem to be high, but orders continue to come from hospitals spread across the world as new cases are recorded.



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