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Newest Super Mario Maker 2 Update Brings Power-Ups, Koopalings, and World Maker

Super Mario Maker 2, the praised side-scrolling platform game and game development system, has something new in store for us. On April 22, a patch will be released, introducing new features.

Players will get to meet the goodies soon, as developers announced, with a top new mode, dubbed the World Maker. Also, some power-ups will return, and the seven Koopaling will wait again for their round of applause.

Super Mario Maker 2 gained popularity thanks to its sleek features. Players can develop their world map and have up to 40 levels spread across 8 worlds. They can also decide how the map ends up looking or what goes where.

Super Mario Maker 2 Got Updated

Super Marios Maker 2 confirmed update includes power-ups that are both new and old. The gameplay experience has also been enhanced, according to developers. The full list of features looks promising, and you can see it for yourself:

  • Super Mario Bros. 3’s Frog Suit: players will enjoy extended swimming sessions;
  • Super Mario Bros. 2’s Mushroom: a new way of facing enemies. Players will have to ride on their enemies and then throw them into coins to collect them;
  • New Super Mario Bros. U’s Super Acorn: Mario will be able to turn into a hovering flying funny squirrel;
  • Super Mario 3D World’s Boomerang Flower: players can equip Mario with a Canon Box and a boomerang. Both accessories will let him fire powerful cannonballs;
  • Super Mario World’s Power Ballon: players can inflate Mario and make him float through levels;
  • Super Mario 3D Land’s Propeller Box: Mario will fly into the air;

Other features include a Goomba Mask that will make enemies think Mario is one of them, and a Bullet Bill Head, which will allow you to blast through the air temporarily. Also, a Red POW Box will be introduced in Super Mario Maker 2, which offers Mario a POW Blockhead for three utilizations.



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