Nintendo Has a Lot of Surprises for Us: From Mario to the Metroid Prime Trilogy

We all know that Nintendo will not hold a Direct conference this summer, but that doesn’t mean that Switch fans won’t get major game announcements anymore.

Nintendo has already talked about Paper Mario: The Origami King and they promised to make even more game reveals soon.

According to a leakthe Paper Mario sequel will come alongside a major rerelease in June. Iseems that the Metroid Prime Trilogy is coming to Nintendo Switch sooner than expected – next month. The post with the link has been deleted, but it did suggest that Metroid Prime Trilogy will be released on Switch on the 19th of June. 

If this is actually true, then we will get an announcement in the next week or two. The first Metroid Prime Trilogy is perfection, which is why we are waiting to see how the re-release will play its cards. 

It was first launched on Gamecube back in 2002, and it got a score of 97% on Metacritic. The games that came after this one were not as impactful, even if they both scored over 90% on Metacritic. 

We have also heard that Nintendo Switch will come with a port of Wii U classic Pikmin 3This might be Deluxe Edition of a Wii U game, which means that we’re getting even more content and tweaked gameplay. 

The original Pikmin 3 was released on Wii U back in 2013. It’s not like the original on the Gamecube, but it’s still quite enjoyable. We have also heard that Nintendo is working on a 3D Mario collection for Switch. It would come with new and better versions of Super Mario 64, Super Mario Galaxy, Super Mario Galaxy 2, and Super Mario Sunshine.  


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