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Now Is Even Easier to Delete Your Own Posts on Facebook

Facebook will launch a new feature that’s called Manage Activity, which will allow its users to delete their old posts. You can delete individual posts or posts that are in bulkFacebook will offer filtering options in order to help you find posts, based on the people tagged in them or based on a time rangeThis feature will first be available on the Facebook mobile app.  

As per Facebook, the feature is added in order to make it easy for users to choose how present they are on Facebook and to take a look at who they are today. For example, you might want to delete some old posts when you want to start working full time or remove the posts that remind you of an old relationship. 

There are some options when it comes to removing a post from the timeline. You can send it to trash, where it would be removed from the public, and then deleted 30 days after. Or you can place it in your archives, which means that it won’t be public, but can still be viewed privately. 

Besides Facebook, you might want to do the same with Twitter, but the company hasn’t really offered an official tool, which might be a problem for some of the usersAnd because of this, there are many thirdparty services that will delete tweets in no time.  

This feature would allow users to have even more control over their data. Last year, they launched their Clear History tool, which allows users to disconnect their web browsing data from their Facebook account. Keep in mind that it doesn’t delete it, it just removes the link between your Facebook account and your web browser data. 



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