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Nvidia RTX 3080 Graphics Card to Be the Base of the Gaming PCs in 2020

As per some new rumors on the internet, we will see the next-gen flagship graphics card – Nvidia RTX 3080 – at Computex 2020 in June. After this, we will get the release of Nvidia’s new 7nm Ampere architecture, which will take place around the same time as the Nvidia’s GPU Technology Conference event in San Jose.

Which are the best graphics card for this year?

As per analyst Chris Caso from Raymond James, Nvidia has postponed the launch of the Ampere graphics cards because the Turing GPUs are doing the great right now –  we are talking about RTX 2080 Ti and RTX 2080, especially if we are to take a look at the performance of the AMD’s graphics cards.

Nvidia really knows how to play this game, and AMD suggested that they are building an Nvidia killer graphics card, which will be launched in mid-2020. By releasing the new-gen of Ampere GPUs in March, Nvidia could actually get ahead of AMD’s plans.

Chris Caso has also claimed that Nvidia will release RTX 3080 at Computex 2020.

How important is Computex

Computex is a significant computing show in Taiwan, in Taipei, and Nvidia is known to have a substantial presence there. So we won’t be surprised if Nvidia will hold an event during this show – or at least around the same time – in order to announce its new card.

The rumors also talk about the first Ampere card that can be a GPU for users, and RTX 2080 would be the first consumer Ampere card. Apparently, Nvidia will also launch a high-end GPU, but with more affordable prices for the cards, something like an RTX 3060.

Others talk about the RTX 3000 series to come with cards that are better in terms of ray-tracing performance, also with higher clock speed and lower TDPs.






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