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OneDrive vs. Google Drive – Which One Should You Go For?

Uploading your shared business files from a local server to the cloud is more than just eliminating the hassle of managing local hardware. That also results in various scenarios that are tough or altogether impossible to sort out with private servers.

Microsoft One Drive and Google Drive are two of the most frequently used cloud storage services of the moment. Though they offer mostly the same core functionalities, the way they do it is unique to each of them.

To cut the chase, we’ll share the details that matter the most – the advantages and disadvantages of each service.


OneDrive is seemingly better at real-time collaboration, which helps businesses improve productivity. OneDrive grants users functionalities like a host of Microsoft Office apps like Word, PowerPoint, etc. The web version of the apps works flawlessly. The downside to OneDrive includes the lack of third-party integrations. You can’t sync business accounts with non-Microsoft apps like calendars, project management platforms, and others. It’s worth mentioning that data protection isn’t necessarily marvelous.

Google Drive

Shareability and real-time editing features featured by Google Drive take collaboration to the next level. The service allows users to share documents, spreadsheets and other formats with family, work colleagues, and friends without breaking a sweat.

The UI is a lot friendlier than Microsoft’s, and its built0in search engine works wonders to identify files by type and owner.

The disadvantages of Google Drive are limited to shareability. The service doesn’t work well if you are trying to share the information to don’t have a Google account. The recipient requires permission before they can view and modify content.

Also, data protection isn’t necessarily guaranteed.

The choice is yours!



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