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Opera 60.0.2973.54343 Beta Update Introduces Chromium 84 to the Browser

Opera, one of the most popular web browsers in the world, has released the 60.0.2973.54343 beta update for the app. The developers have issued the new update after they launched Opera Mini 50 not long ago, a major upgrade for its Mini version of the browser for Android, which has completely revamped the user interface of the app.

Opera is a very popular choice among Android users, and it is a direct rival to Google Chrome and Mozilla‘s Firefox browsers. The browser has a desktop version that works in tandem to enhance and extend the features and functions you get from using both variants.

Unique Features

Opera upstages other browsers because of its built-in data saver mode that compresses videos and web pages in order to load them faster and decrease data usage, which is incredibly useful for those concerned with the amount of data their devices use. The app also comes with a default VPN, which is a function not many browsers offer.

Opera is also among the fastest web browsers available for smartphones, and the only downside of the app is its apparently convoluted interface: it is easy to get distracted by the numerous menus at the top and bottom of the screen.

Besides the regular Opera browser, the developer also created Opera Mini, which takes data-saving to another level, and Opera Touch, which is optimized for one-handed use.

Security Advantages

The reason why Opera is so popular is also because of the free built-in VPN we mentioned before, which grants users a virtual IP, and then does all the work a VPN is supposed to do automatically. The only downside here is that you cannot use the function at the same time with the data saver mode; however, the fact that it is offered is impressive and well-thought.

Opera 60.0.2973.54343 Beta Update​

Most mobile web browsers currently available rely on Chromium, free, open-source software from Google that can be compiled into a web browser – the same goes for Opera. The developers have now released the Opera 60.0.2973.54343 beta update​ for the app, which features Chromium 84, leveling up the mobile browser.

You can, therefore, download the latest update from either Google Play Store or third-party sources (which you have to choose carefully) in order to use the Chromium version 84 in Opera.



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