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Opera Browser 57.2.2830.52651 Update Comes With a Crypto Wallet and More

Opera is a free, Chromium-based web browser available for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. The search engine is different than all the other web browsers currently on the market because of its unique user interface and features it provides.

Besides being the only browser that comes with built-in VPN and ad-blocker, Opera has also incorporated back in 2019 a cryptocurrency wallet for the iOS and Android versions. Now, decentralized, blockchain-based websites are available to millions of users through the Opera web browser and their collaboration with Unstoppable Domains.

Opera’s Highlight Features

As per Netmarketshare, Opera is the seventh most used web browser, with more than 250 million active monthly mobile users. Among the features that make it unique and famous is the built-in ad-blocker, free and unlimited VPN, as well as a new download manager that makes downloads easier.

Opera’s native ad-blocker efficiently helps users get rid of annoying ads and makes the pages load faster in order to streamline the browsing experience. The feature has also recently received the option to eliminate a large amount of cookie and privacy dialogs.

The built-in free, unlimited VPN improves the privacy and security of the user. Simply turn on Opera VPN in private mode, and the IP address will get replaced with a virtual one, so no location and identification data get out.

Users can now manage downloads easily with the new download manager that got incorporated into the web browser. It makes it simple and faster to get down files, sort and share them, delete or remove them from the list of downloads, or your phone.

Opera also receives regular updates that keep it fresh to users and appealing to those who do not use it yet.

Opera Browser 57.2.2830.52651 Update

The latest roll-out, Opera 57.2.2830.52651 update, comes with improvements to the offline pages, YouTube app support, quicker Speed Dial access, as well as the Crypto Wallet. The update also brings some more changes, including Chromium 80, enhanced image context menus, and data savings mode badge.

Moreover, for the Crypto Wallet, the developers have brought IPFS support and unstoppable domains. The update also comes with various fixes and stability enhancements.



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