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Opera Browser Beta 57.0.2830.52384 Update Brings Stability and Usability Fixes

Opera, one of the most popular browsers available on the market, has created a new version for Android users. The mobile browser comes with a handful of features, specially created to provide the best premium experience. Still, Opera seems to keep improving as regular updates are released for it, with a new beta update that just arrived.

Opera’s Best Features


The ad-blocker on Opera removes all the annoying ads, which means that the pages are loading faster. The browser also offers the option to get rid of most of the cookies, privacy dialogs, and so on.

Built-in VPN

A VPN helps you navigate the Internet in a safer and private manner as it doesn’t reveal your IP address but shows a random, virtual one. This way, your location is not disclosed, neither your information. The VPN on Opera is free and active by default.

Personalized News Feed

The news feed on Opera is managed by an AI engine, which allows you to navigate through a selection of specifically customized news channels and stories for you. It also offers you the possibility to subscribe to your favorite topics and save stories you’d want to read later.

Opera Browser Beta 57.0.2830.52384 Update

If you use Opera as your main browser – and not only – on your smartphone, perhaps the beta program could be a new experience for you to try out. Beta users are the first to access the latest features that come with the newest updates.

The most recent roll out for the browser, Opera Browser beta 57.0.2830.52384 update, is obviously only available for beta testers for now. The release is arriving through OTA channels, with some overall improvements, as well as stability and usability fixes.

Those registered in the beta program can access the update now, but the regular Opera user base will get it once the testing period ends, and the full version of it rolls out.



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