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Opera Browser With Free VPN 56.1.2780.51589 Update Includes Chromium 78 and Other Tweaks

Opera Browser is among the most popular web browsers in the world, and it is a great tool for both Android and PC users. The developers maintaining the platform have now released a new update that provides a smoother browsing experience for users.

Opera boasts a multitude of features that have been created especially to offer the best experience for all its users. The team of developers is releasing updates on a regular basis.

Opera’s Key Features

The browser basically has most of the features all the other web platforms have. Even so, here are a few of the most amazing features Opera provides for its users, some of which other browsers do not have.


The ad-blocking feature helps users block all the unwanted ads, which, therefore, allows the pages to load much faster. Opera also has an option to delete he cookies, privacy dialogs, and more.

Built-in VPN

The browser allows users to navigate the Internet in a private and safe way by using the default VPN. The functionality is free to use. By using a VPN, the users’ IP address is changed with a completely random one; therefore, they won’t be forced to share their location or any important information on the Internet.

Customized Newsfeed

Opera utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) to help with the news engines that operate the newsfeed. The function allows users to swipe through a bunch of personalized news channels from the browser. It also offers the possibility to subscribe to particular topics and save stories to read them later.

Opera Browser With Free VPN 56.1.2780.51589 Update

As we mentioned above, the developing team is frequently rolling out updates to provide users smoother and more amazing browsing experience. The latest release, Opera browser With Free VPN 56.1.2780.51589 update, comes with a reader mode support, a configurable address bar, and enhanced support for reopening previously closed tabs. More changes to Opera also include the implementation of Chromium 78 and numerous fixes and stability enhancements.



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