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Opera Mini 45.0.2254.144855 Update Introduces File Sharing Functionality

Do you feel like Chrome is using too much of your smartphone’s resources, but you are not willing to give up on the fast web surfing experience that it offers? If that is the case, then you should be pleased to find out that Opera Mini, which is a lightweight mobile browser, is the perfect alternative to Chrome and all other pre-installed browsers. Despite being a lightweight app that weighs in at less than 10MB, this doesn’t mean that the performances offered by Opera Mini are sup-bar, quite the opposite!

Opera Mini is equipped with lots of useful features that make surfing the web a smoother experience, but more importantly, Opera Mini benefits from full-fledged developer support. This means that the developers who are in charge of Opera Mini are constantly improving its performances via a constant stream of updates.

Opera Mini 45.0.2254.144855 Update

As previously noted, Opera Mini is updated on a regular basis and this is why it should come as no surprise that a new update has arrived earlier this morning. The new update for Opera Mini sports the 45.0.2254.144855 version number and it is available to download right now.

Opera Mini fans can choose to either wait for the update to pop up in their notification panels or to take matters into their own hands and download the update in the form of APK. This is a special type of update and the APK acronym stands for “Android Package Kit”. The trick to installing APK releases is to first enable the “Unknown Sources” option.

What’s New?

The new update is a high-priority release and all Opera Mini fans are advised to download it as soon as possible. The reason behind this is that the new update is introducing file sharing functionality. Therefore, Opera Mini fans can now transfer all types of files with their friends.



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