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Opera Mini 47.0.2254.146543 Update for Android Launched With New Features, Fixes, And Improvements

Opera has been hard at work in recent times, and Opera Mini is one of the most popular browsers for smart devices, especially since it is updated quite often. The ability to access the entire internet with the help of a smartphone is one of the greatest boons offered by modern technology, as many people rely on it to perform a number of tasks, with some of them being related to their jobs.

While most smartphone devices come with a pre-loaded browser, there are lots of worthy choices on the Google Play Store. Some of the alternative browsers come with exciting features that can make a big difference for many users.

Opera Mini is a great choice since the app has been designed from the ground up to offer an impressive user experience that can satisfy even the most demanding users.

What’s New in the latest Opera Mini Update?

Those who have to use a limited data plan will enjoy the fact that the app comes with a built-in data-saving protocol that can reduce the consumption by up to 90% while also boosting the speed on slower networks. This is done without compromises related to the pages, thanks to a proprietary compression solution.

File-sharing is a must in modern times since people love to share their favorite photos, videos, songs, and much more. With Opera Mini, there is no need to use slow methods like Bluetooth or USB cables. A Direct Wi-Fi transfer protocol offers impressive speeds of up to 300MB per second, which makes it a great choice. Initiating transfer is easy since the only thing the receiver needs to do is to scan a QR code.

Ads can be dodged quite easily thanks to a dedicated ad block solution that will keep them away. Staying informed is a fun experience as the app will display a personalized news feed. New stability improvements and bug fixes are introduced by the Opera Mini 47.0.2254.146543 update.



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