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Opera Mini 47.1.2254.147516 Beta Update Comes With Improvements

Opera Mini is one of the most popular mobile web browsers all over the world. Developed by Opera Software, which has also published both the renowned Opera and Opera Touch, the Mini version of the search engine is available for Android and iOS mobile devices.

The Opera Mini was created on the Google Chromium engine, so it shares some similarities with Google Chrome, which has become the world’s go-to web browser. It also accounts for the majority of the global Internet browser market.

Opera Mini is the Only Browser With These Features

However, compared to Chrome, Opera Mini comes with useful features that make it unique. For instance, if you want an ad-blocker in Google‘s Chrome, you have to download it as an extension. Opera Mini comes with a built-in ad-blocker, among many other impressive features. It is also the first major search engine that incorporated an ad-blocking feature into its system; the result is quicker page loads and faster overall browsing experience for users.

As with the ad-blocker, Opera Mini is also the only renowned browser that comes with a built-in VPN, which is available without a subscription. The VPN has some amazing features, including the possibility to use it in a private browsing window, mask your physical locations, and block cookies.

Opera Mini offers users a few modes they can use while browsing, such as a regular ‘Opera Mini’ mode, ‘Opera Turbo’ or ‘Extreme’ mode, and the ‘Off’ mode. For instance, the first one allows you to view images in low resolution in order to save data, and the Turbo or Extreme mode helps with data saving and speed on weak connections. The Off mode enables you to disable the data savings, and it is great when you run on a fast data connection, such as at home or the office when using a Wi-Fi network.

Opera Mini 47.1.2254.147516 Beta Update

The browser receives regular updates that keep it safe to use and up-to-date with the latest advancements. The latest roll-out, Opera Mini 47.1.2254.147516 update, is meant for beta testers and comes with a few stability and performance improvements.




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