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Opera Mini Browser Version 52.1.2254.54298 Update Available for Windows 10 Mobile, BlackBerry and WIndows Phone 8.1

The developers of Opera Software AS are very fond of their browser for Android. They just released a new version of the browser, and it’s neat!

Opera Mini browser was initially launched on Windows 10 Mobile, Symbian, BlackBerry, Windows Phone 8.1, and Bada. These versions still exist and work decently, but now the browser is particularly receiving updates for Android and iOS.

How Does It Work?

Opera Software’s compression proxy server helps Opera Mini send web pages requests. After that, the server processes and compresses the pages and sends them to your smartphone or tablet.

Having a compression ratio of 90% and a speed twice or faster than other browsers, Opera Mini will be compatible with the web pagers not suited for mobile devices.

If you think this browser is not popular, you might be surprised to learn that in 2013, the company registered 300 million unique Opera Mini active users, and over 150 billion page views registered during February 2013 alone! That’s so impressive!

Opera Mini can run on phones and tablets, and its main advantages are that it’s swift and free, and it features a beautiful interface. The developers made it minimalistic, simple to use, so users have an outstanding browsing experience.

You can try out the browser’s beta version if you want to have access to the latest improvements and tweaks moments after they are introduced.

In the current version, there are various critical stability and performance tweaks. Let’s hope that it won’t have any significant problems when it is in use.

Opera Mini has one more ace up its sleeve – the file transfer feature that is very uncommon on a browser!



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