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Opera News Lite 1.5.0 Update is Now Available

Opera News Lite is a data-saving news reading application created and published by Opera Limited. The service solves numerous concerns about the mobile phone memory, and it also offers rich, personalized, timely, and varied news and content services.

The app occupies less than 1MB and is able to simultaneously support more than 60 different countries and languages, enabling you to stay up to date with what happens in the world.

Opera News Lite​’s Highlight Features

The Opera News Lite app offers numerous features that make it great and worth using. Here are some of the most amazing elements it provides to its users.

Personalized News

Powered by AI news engines, Opera News Lite​ provides real-time, AI-curated content based don your interests. It allows you to follow your favorite news channels in order to see topics personalized for you. Moreover, your preferences and personal data are kept confidential as the app doesn’t share your private information with other parties.

Exclusive Original Content

Opera News Lite​ has more than 5,000 content writers in the base; therefore, there are tens of thousands of original articles every day that feature new perspectives.

Stay up to Date

The ‘For You’ tab enables you to stay up to date with the topics you’re most interested in. Your briefing updates during the day with five daily news brought by Opera News Lite​ are all to be found in this tab. The briefing includes a combination of the most important headlines, local news, and the most recent advances on the subjects you’re curious about.

News Push Notification

The app sends you notifications with the most important breaking news, making it easier to stay updated with what is happening all over the world.

Opera News Lite 1.5.0 Update

The app receives regular updates, which usually bring improvements and bug fixes, just like this one does. The latest release, Opera News Lite​ 1.5.0 update, has a size of 1.23MB only and is now available to install. ​



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