Overwatch 2: We Finally Have the Sequel. Is It Inspired from Marvel’s Avengers?

Overwatch, the team-based multiplayer shooter game, is getting a sequel. What’s very interesting for fans is that it will bring to the table story missions for the first time. As per Blizzard, apparently, it will also redefine the meaning of sequel, which is a considerable claim for an online shooting game.

The news was shared at the BlizzCon convention last week. Overwatch 2 will come with PvE missions in a mode made up of stories, and a new core competitive mode, a six-versus-six PvP team battle, Push – teams will have to compete in order to have a robot push the objective of the map to their opponent.

Up until now, the original 2016 game only had its focus on the PvP gameplay, with spin-offs that have comic books or animated small fillings in the backstories of the characters.

This story mode will simply follow the heroes when they reunite in the disbanded Overwatch task force. At a first look, which was shown at the convention, the team, which is led by Winston, went to Paris in order to defend the beautiful city against a Null Sector invasion. The game is still multiplayer, but players will have to unite in the co-op mode in order to play against the computer, and not against each other.  This mode also comes with amazing orchestral music and the story of a super-team reunion in a damaged city. We feel like we’re in an Avengers movie, right?

When talking about the Marvel influence of the game, Lydia Bottegoni, senior vice president of the story at Blizzard, stated that “it’s not hard to sense that.” She also said that the entire team respects the huge phenomenon and that the influence here is undeniable.


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